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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                127

The Jacobins appear to be the strongest in
the Conseil des Anciens, as appears by the re-
jection of the petition for the examination into

The ministers seem to go au devant de mes
souhaits; but they have overdone it, for they have
named three chefs de bureau to treat with me.
I wish they were three chefs de cuisine* My
apartment here, in the Maison des Etrangers,
is very dear, and I shall remove from thence as
soon as I return from my tour, or know that I
am to stay here some time.

I dined to-day with Madame de Laborde.

November zist, 1796.

I have been with the minister this morning,
and have carried the point as to seeing Sir Sidney
Smith. My letter for his release is also laid before
the Directoire Executif, and I hope will have its
effect upon them. I shall probably have an inter-
view with some of them officially, or by way of
conversation. I have also obtained a passport for
Major Gall, who sets out with his two daughters
in a day or two, and will take this packet.

I heard a thing  to-day which hurts me very